I love the quiet of the early morning. Before the sun comes up. Before the children awaken. Before I am called on to do all the things.

I love this time because it quiets my soul.

I am loud by nature. Around people I am exuberant. Outspoken. But here, I’m just me.

Quietly contemplating my day. Wondering what will unfold. Surrendering it all to God, because only He knows what the day will bring.

Sometimes I get a little anxious. I can’t lie about that. Will this day go according to what I have planned? Most likely not.

So I use this time to pray. Spend time in the Living Room with Jesus. He quiets and restores my soul. Reassures me that it is well.

I think about each child.

Starting with the grown ones – out on their own, married and happy. Those two, they are my joy. They make me realize that hope and true love do exist and I pray that they will always know this.

The teenager, she is my mini-me. Same face, same attitude, same intensity. She needs to know she is loved. So I pray that over her.

The middle girl, our miracle. She speaks because we prayed. She wears her heart on her sleeve. Today I pray for courage.

The Boys – yes, with a capital B – inseparable. Adopted. Chosen. Unstoppable. Today I pray for their teachers.

Then I pray for Thee Farmer. My love. The one who makes my soul sing. The one who can make me madder than a hornet and then look at me with those eyes. The one who can touch my hand and in that one moment let me know that everything is gonna be alright. Today I pray for his strength and safety and decision making and thank God for his sacrifices for this family.

And lastly, I pray for me and you, my dear friend:

God, I know you won’t give us more than we can handle today. We need your strength. Encourage is. Your love never fails. Let us rest in You.    In Jesus’ Name, AMEN.


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