“Words that build souls up.” I wear these words on my wrist. Engraved not on my skin (because I’m too scared to get a tattoo) but on a bracelet that Ann Voskamp‘s son made. Words chosen by me and engraved by hand to remind me daily to speak only in words of love. Words of patience. Words of love. And to not use my Savior’s name in vain.

Why this reminder? Because my mouth often gets in front of my mind. What’s in my heart does not get spoken – it’s what’s in my flesh, my very human sin filled nature that comes spewing out and destroys. Tears down. Brings tears to those I love.

Right now I want to write all the words that are on my tongue, but I can’t because they won’t build anything up. I want to scream out my frustrations. My disbelief.

For most of my life I have tried to please everyone. Waiting for words of praise that never came. So I turned to other ways of earning “praise.” I won’t go there today.

So I choose to run my finger over the words etched in silver

words that build souls up

Oh LORD, help me to trust in You alone. I don’t need the approval of any man or woman. I only need look to you. Help me to always remember to speak words of love and praise.

Sing praise,

Thee Farm Wife

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