I confess. I’m selfish. I was looking forward to a whole day to myself. I wanted to catch up because I may have been a little lazy this weekend.

And then school gets dismissed early and they’ll be home by noon.

I had it all planned out. Nap. Dishes. Nap. Vacuum. Days of Our Lives. Nap. Laundry. Nap. Perfect Day.

Back to the C.S. Lewis quote that I have decided to make my life motto:

So, instead of running around trying to do all of the things before they get home, I’m resting. Praying. I don’t want to yell today. I want to make wonderful snow day memories with them.

Confession number two: I need to teach them more responsibilities. I’ve failed in this area of parenting. My younger kids have no concept of helping out, chores, picking up or doing things for each other.

I’m tired of the bickering. The whining. The “where are my shoes and homework?” morning outbursts.

So today I will take what life throws at me – the interruptions – and know that this is our life. Right now. They will be home. It will be chaotic. But something great can be made out of today.

I’m not throwing in the towel yet.

Conquering the chaos,

Thee Farm Wife

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